Mini Market Once Again  - 14/10/2018

Mini Market Once Again
Announcing 'once again' our next mini market. We're excited to invite you to join in the relaxed and fun day and welcome back some of our entrepreneurial and emerging businesses. 

Some will be there in person for you to meet and share in their story, others will have products on our shelves for you to peruse and buy - some to have with your coffee or take home

Meanwhile check them out at:

Lynsey Fox Gluten Free low carb kitchen Viking Mamma Low Carb Kitchen

Kate Furness The Onion Factor


Annie Shulz Pablos Daughter

Minis Hand-made bags and bangles minski

Tara Lee Ceramics FennecFox 

Moriko Farrelly Handmade Wearable Origame Wa Creation Studio 

Jocelynne Mccann Dried Fruit by Jocelynne

Megan Charlton Dot Chocolate

Jan Kershaw Sister Craft jam, jellies and marmalade

and more...
'Pay if fowarard' on the day to our Suspended Coffees initiative