08/12/2018 -  
10 - 11AM Treat your child to embellishing a burlap Christmas stocking - and you'll receive coffee and cake as part of the package. Kiddos will learn how to use a needle and thread and be given free-rein to decorate. PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 burlap stocking to decorate (42cm (L) x 26cm (W) Facilitation of craft with instruction in how to use a needle Various materials to decorate stocking including pom-poms, thread and wool 1 coffee and cake for the accompanying parent/guardian
07/12/2018 -  
Join us at our exciting Christmas event December 7th | 5 - 7 with our next 'acoustic/pop' musician Kathy Pike | Grazing platters, wine/champers/boutique beer just $25 |
02/12/2018 -  
Sunday: mini massages an Booking details available care of judy.forbes@onceandagain.com.au