Creative writing with Caroline Reid  - 10/09/2018

Creative writing with Caroline Reid
From Caroline:
“They are particularly useful for beginners or those who are curious about writing but have had to prioritise other things in their lives. 
It is not a critique group, but rather a 2-hour session in which to write and gain some knowledge about writing, while also having some fun. I provide writing exercises and usually focus on a particular element of writing. 
You may draw from your own life in the writing, while at other times it is purely imaginative. Often it is a mix of both. 
You will experiment with writing fiction, life writing and poetry. The activities I set are useful for people writing in any genre. 
You will read out the writing that you do as a way of gaining confidence in your own work and also to hear how others write. 
Even the most reluctant readers have found that reading aloud is a useful component of the writing session. 
Bring whatever you like to write with – pen and paper or your electronic gadget”